The Dixie Bible is a translation of the scriptures into English that contains the name of god which appears in the ancient texts. The names of god’s son and of his children are also used in the ancient texts and in this translation. The message “Three Holy Names” will reveal the scriptural details about these names. It was also my purpose to translate the Hebrew or/and Greek words the same way every time and thus eliminate religion's contrived word duplicity. Even though this translation was only done for my benefit, I have shared it with a few individuals, and one wanted to put it into an audio format. Her labor has made possible the audio of the Dixie Bible. Clicking the “PLAY NOW” button will go to the player for the book selected. At the player page a mp3 and/or pdf can be down loaded for your private use.

Psalms are listed individually. Click the SHOW LIST button at the PSALMS LIST to show them.

Books of the Old Testament Audios

Books of the New Testament Audios

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