These are recordings of a live weekly broadcast that I did on TalkShoe from September, 2013 until August, 2017. TalkShoe terminated our live broadcast, and all the archived recordings of these broadcasts. We had the highest audience, chatroom and call in, participation, and downloads of any TalkShoe broadcast. Our program was called “Truth From God”, and we spoke plainly about the reality of today and the scriptures. These saved broadcasts, 195 recordings, are archived on this page. Portions of my translation, The Dixie Bible, were used on these broadcasts, and they can be found on the Dixie Bible Index page.

For a study help click link for downloadable (pdf) Greek prepositions and for Paleo Hebrew Alphabet.

  • Romans 8 (Kesley & Rachael) Play

  • Romans 12 (Kesley & Rachael) Play

  • Romans 14 (Kesley & Rachael) Play

  • Romans 16 (Kesley & Rachael) Play

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