Destroying A Nation

Not with Politics or Economics, but Destroy Its Will.

Neither economics nor politics rules the world. They are only the end products of world rule. They do not control history, but simply indicate who is in control of history at a particular time. It was the fierceness of the Roman Legions that fathered Rome's great political and economic prosperity. As the indomitable spirit the “WILL” of Rome declined, so also did the fruition of economic and political power. The root that bears the tree of politics and produces the fruit of economics is the “WILL”. In reality, the “WILL” is the living spirit of the racial nation that produces its economics and politics. The stronger the national racial “WILL”, the healthier the nation and the more its economics and politics prosper.

In modern society, any illusion to national racial “WILL” is VERBOTEN. Only politics and economics are the allowed topics and are foremost in the policies of the ineffective government. However, it must be remembered that politics is only the umbilical cord which feeds the economy from its life force - “THE WILL”. America is doomed to political decadence and economic chaos until its true national “WILL” is revived. As long as there is no racial “WILL” to survive, there will never exist the necessary “WILL” to prosper. Therefore, the “WILL” is determinative of the prosperity of politics and economics, not vice versa. Instead of the government’s unlimited political and economic reforms, the real problem must be addressed and solved; that is, THE REVIVAL OF OUR NATIONAL RACIAL WILL. Governments preoccupied with “party politics” and “materialistic economics” is a diversion of smoke and mirrors to distract all attention form the true path to prosperity.

The subject of national racial “WILL” must be considered, and the alien non-white majorities’ objections must be viewed in the light of history. America was prosperous under white rule. The national “WILL” of the White race was the living force which brought forth the greatness of America's past.

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The destruction of our national prosperity was accomplished through destruction of our national racial “WILL”, and the brightness of its political and economic prosperity was turned to darkness. Sickness always ends, either in the restoration of health, or the death of the victim. There can only be one of two outcomes. The national racial “WILL” must prosper, or it must perish. There is no middle ground. As long as “party politics” and “materialistic economics” are given total attention, the national racial “WILL” weakens and dies. These two cankers are symptoms of a diseased “WILL”. A cure can be affected only through treating the disease, not the symptoms. If America's body Politics and Economics are to be relevant again, then its racial “WILL” must be revived. Anything short of this will end in total defeat, disaster, and death.

Since “WILL” springs from the source of racial personality, our national prosperity is dependent upon the quality, not quantity, of its race. The “WILL” that brings triumphant results is the metal that withstands the most severe blows. The hammer of fate forms the strength of our “WILL”. Only this iron “WILL” can turn the forlorn hopes of today into the realized greatness of tomorrow.

Only the resurrection of our racial “WILL” can produce the necessary political and economic prosperity which will cause a new America to arise from its present ashes. Even though the hour is dark, the Divine spark of racial consciousness can burst forth with a new brilliant light of national “WILL”. The current flood of partisan party candidates legislating an endless assortment of political and economic policies can never regain America’s past glories. America’s true prosperity can only arrive on the acknowledgement of its true national racial “WILL”. Only God can cause this spark to burst into a brilliant light showing the way to national vigor and prosperity never before attained in any age. Only through this rebirth can we begin to experience the true blessings of the Kingdom of God.

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