Erotic Or Heroic

A person is more than a body, for it is only the vehicle which is used to transport thought into action. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Thought is not confined to the world of consciousness, but transcends man's limited, rational understanding. Science is just now becoming aware of the infinite realm of subconscious thought, and realizes there is more to white western man than flesh and blood.

There is in the makeup of each being a unique spirit, an inner governor, that which regulates the outer destiny of each. It is this power that causes a baby to develop into an adult and then continue to old age and death. There is no rational explanation as to why this phenomena occurs. All of life is directed by this inner force, which is peculiar to each species. The rose experiences a different destiny than the lion, and therefore, never exceeds the limits set by this inner directive and becomes a lion. The lion's destiny is different from man's, and there are differences even within the species (race) of man.

It is this inner spiritual imperative that causes the vast outer physical differences between races and what each produces in civilization, religion, government, and lifestyle in general. Each imperative drives its individual members to provide the necessary material from which its culture is formed. When a culture is healthy the inner imperative causes its members to produce vast numbers of people. The greater the mission of the culture, the greater the population of that culture must be. If the culture is sickened or perverted, then there occurs a perversion in the area of sex - reproduction.

In Western Culture there is presently this precise sickness, which is indicated by the new erotism, sex as an end in its self - free love without consequences. Sex for sex's sake - the erotic - no aim looking at the continuity of life, the building of the family with many children. In this sickened situation, two children, a boy and girl, might be permitted as being a more sophisticated pet than a dog, but the family of many children is looked upon in social disdain. The culture begins to manifest many outward problems. By being separated from reproduction, sex takes on many perverted forms. Marriage gives way to divorce, and pregnancies are aborted. “An ounce of the PILL is better than an eight pound baby.” Now sex can be between men or women since its end is only momentary pleasure. Swapping, swinging, and orgies are the “in” thing. “Free love” is synonymous with selfish self-gratification, and really means freedom from all encumbering relationships which is the complete opposite of “true love.” Sexual free play is identified with “happiness” and is society's new golden ring. Honor, honesty, heroism, and dedication to high principles are viewed as immature foolishness.

Divorce now claims one out of every three marriages. One-third of the 7.8 million white households are occupied by non-married couples.   (go to top)

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Families containing six or more persons had declined sharply to only seven percent of the total number of households, and 15% of these 7.8 million households are maintained by a woman with no husband present, which is an increase by one-third in the last decade. If allowed to continue, this sickness with its perverted erotic symptoms will kill the culture.

Since Western man is in a High Culture, he is motivated by a high inner spirit. Everything that he does physically has spiritual meaning. Subsequently he will never find fulfillment living on a purely physical plane. Because of this, the new shallow secularity will never provide him with the high gratification that he seeks.

The heights of the physical relationship are governed by the level of the spiritual, and since the spiritual at present is perverted, then so is the physical. People are driven from one lover to another in an ever frustrating search for satisfaction, never realizing that “quantity” can never produce this fruit of “quality”. Frustration destroys satisfaction, and sex becomes an obsession leading to greater frustration and lesser satisfaction. This vicious cycle will be the circle of death for the culture unless western man cures the spiritual disease, for only then will the symptoms of physical perversion be alleviated. Society can accomplish nothing in treating symptoms by passing laws on pornography, prostitution, and sex perversion. They will always exist as long as the disease exists. When spiritual health is restored to the culture, then the negative physical problems will disappear. The man and woman will no longer seek selfish sensual sex satisfaction, but will move into the realm of selfless spiritual union by giving - sacrifice for the other (1 Corinthians 7:2-5, 33-34). As the Bible says, “and they became one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24; 1 Corinthians 6:16)

As the higher spiritual relationship develops, there will be a higher development of sexual love toward its highest fulfillment. The new spiritual role between man and woman will manifest in a new physical role which will not be competitive, but complimentary. The basic features of this relationship are outlined in the Bible – Ephesians 5:21-33; 6:4; 1 Timothy 2:9-15, and I Peter 3:1-7. Women will no longer be men, and men will no longer be women (1 Corinthians 11:7-12).

Love, marriage, and the family of many children will again be the physical manifestation of the healthy spiritual imperative. The high spirituality of family life will develop the strong material from which the High Culture will build its future greatness. Erotic will give way to HEROIC, and white western culture will enter a new age of unlimited creativeness which will bring the highest fulfillment of its imperium.

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