Humanitarian Sentimentality

Humanitarian sentimentality is the forerunner to racial genocide from within. To become so POSSESSED that one seeks to be equal with all others at the expense of destroying his individuality is suicidal.

Only the dead are equal. The living are all different and unique.

Humanitarianism despises the iron laws of nature regarding race. It places a road block in the path of the superior race while seeking a common level for all. With this “equality”, it would be impossible for any person to rise in the scale of being.

Humanism's greatest obstruction to cultural, scientific, and human advancement is its sentimentality toward inferior and weaker races. By pretending that all races are equal, that no one race dare to excel, and that there be only one status maintained, that of mediocrity, humanism brings all progress to a grinding halt.

The race that would dare to better itself through genetically breeding must be punished through racial integration, (code word for) mongrelization.

The bible and history bear witness to the fundamentals of nature, that crossbreeding of a superior line with an inferior one pulls down the superior. There exists only a divine spark between the masses and the genius. That spark is either inflamed or extinguished by maintaining the purity of the races or by adulterating them.

The one irreversible event is to mingle one race with another. Once the blood is united, nothing can separate it again. Both races have forever ceased to exist. Only an inferior and arrogant hybrid continues.

Humanism is the cancer within that does not appear until after its poison has toxified the body. Unless its presence is ruthlessly and immediately removed, the body will die. If the will to life is not strong enough, then the necessary action will not be taken and the race will perish.

The natural law of survival of the strongest will allow only one to triumph. Only as long as it maintains its strength will it live and flourish. If the superior race becomes as weak as another, either from external or from internal forces, then it will fall into the grave of greatness past. It will never again appear since its bloodline will be mixed with that of the inferiors.

Thus, the great civilizations of the past are not the high cultures of today. Their glory shall never reappear just as the purity of their race shall never return. The spark of creativeness was extinguished through mongrelization.

Our race must learn the lessons of history now, or else, through ignorant, blind, stupidity, seal its own eternal destruction.

The new man being envisioned by the humanitarians is one of such a compounded mixture that he will not possess any individuality.   (go to top)

(continued - Humanitarian Sentimentality)

He will be reduced to the level of all. He will be like all in every detail. There will be no difference in mental or physical makeup, no genius, no superiority of quality, ONLY A VAST QUANTITY OF MEDIOCRITY. This humanitarian dream must be rooted out and destroyed, lest it become the final destroyer of all.

If the superior race is polluted, the innate spirit of that race is forever lost. All the races will suffer. The inferior races must realize that their advancement depends upon the cultural gains made by the superior race. Only through the strict maintenance of the purity of the superior will the necessary creativity, strength, and spirit continue to bring forth the great advancements in the sciences, even in the humanities.

The inferior can continue to advance only as long as the superior is conquering new frontiers. Once the superior falters because of racial mongrelization, the spark of genius dies. The breakthrough in knowledge ceases and the world is doomed to darkness, disease and misery, through perpetual ignorance which has always been the product of the masses.

If all races are to prosper, they will prosper only through the prosperity of the superior race for all their living force is supplied through the umbilical cord of the superior race. This race is the repository and the fountain of knowledge that the world is dependent upon, even for its daily bread.

The humanitarian's concept of building up the inferior races by mongrelizing the superior will provide only a short lived stimulant for the weaker, but an eternal sedative for the stronger. The illogical thinking of the humanitarians will not only pollute and destroy the superior race, but also his high cultural effect upon the inferiors. With the cessation of the dynamic force from the fountain springs of the superior race will come the steady decline and the relapse of the inferior back into its former abyss of darkness.

Only the most naive and unthinking people can be so gullible as to believe that an inferior can eternally prosper through the degeneration of the superior who has blazed the trail and paved the way of advancement for all to travel. When the trail blazers stop their conquests, then the high culture will grind down and world doom is certain, for the two are eternally linked.

It is imperative that humanitarian sentimentality be destroyed, and that the world realizes it can never advance unless the driving force of the superior race IS at its head. Race is the issue! YAHWAH's adamic white race as the HEAD is the only HOPE for the world.

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