The Indomitable Spirit

America's strength does not depend on the vast expenditures for national defense or the size of her armies, but is dependent upon the purity of her racial reservoir upon which she has so heavily drawn in the hours of crisis.

The indomitable spirit of the White race is America's only power of deliverance. No other race possesses this divine innate Will to be free. This lack of spirit is the reason that a few can establish a government so totally depraved as Jew Communism over hundreds of millions with relative ease. The non-white Asians and Mongolians were subdued with only a minimum amount of resistance, and the struggle was short lived.

The White man is a different breed of man. His stubbornness, tenacity, and WILL to be free are as much a part of his make-up as is his color. As long as he is racially pure, he will fight to the death for that freedom. The Jew understanding this White nature, has set about to destroy this divine race. In Russia over 30 million White Ukrainian farmers were massacred by the Jew Communists.

Quite a different approach has presently been adopted in America. The pure military assault by the Jews has not come about for the simple reason that they do not, at the present, possess the power to carry this attack to victory. Therefore, their attack has been aimed at adulterating the pure reservoir of the White race through integration and mongrelization. By “injecting” the fatal poison of race mixing, the program of racial genocide is accomplished, and the indomitable Aryan is down-bred into a docile mulatto. If this evil plan is brought to fulfillment, then with the adulteration of the last pure White seed, the world has sealed its eternal fate of infinite retrogression to the point of becoming a total void of eternal darkness. Race is the issue.

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The indomitable White divine spirit that has blazed the trails through the unknown, and has lit the way for the world to travel onward and upward, will be destroyed. Knowledge through the light of natural genius will no longer produce inventions. The high culture will fossilize and retrogression will rapidly commence.

The work that our movement must accomplish is:

Your future and the future of this entire world depends upon us. We must fearlessly attack the roots of this alien tree and hew it down. Our labors must be continuous. The conflict will be severe, and the cost great. Hours of trial will prove our metal. Those who give all in this fight will receive all. Their names will be the greatest thus far recorded in the annals of history. During these dark days the most luminous White Knights will arise and conquer. Their courage and valor against an innumerable foe will be written in volumes untold. The battle cry of VICTORY will vibrate through the corridors of eternity, and their indomitable spirit will live forever in the pure hearts of their posterity.

White man, we are warriors together in this climactic struggle of the ages. Through your continual support we can move the alien mountains. Everything done on your part will add to the force for VICTORY. No price is too great, and no act is too small.

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