The Inflation Illusion

Perhaps the title of this article may come as a surprise, since inflation is the constant topic in America today. However, the money cartel which controls this nation has created the “inflation illusion” in order to keep its power secure through misdirecting all attention toward a ghost, and away from the living creature which now ravages the economy. Since all efforts are aimed at an illusion are doomed to failure, the first step toward a solution must be to correctly identify the real problem.

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines “inflation” as “disproportionate and relatively sharp and sudden INCREASE in the quantity of money or credit, or both, relative to goods available for purchase.” Inflation is too many dollars chasing after too few goods, and results in an INCREASE of prices. Such is not the case today simply because America has overproduced a surplus from which a large part of the world's needs are supplied. Furthermore, business is always trying to develop new foreign markets in an attempt to use up this overproduction. The recent change in relations with China proves this. Therefore, there is no “inflation”, i.e. higher prices caused by too much money and too few goods. The powers that be are all too aware of America's overproduction, and that’s why the Federal Reserve is increasing its interest rate, supposedly, in an attempt to slow down business growth. Nevertheless, America’s gross national product increases each year.

The problem in America's economy is not caused by deflation either. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines “deflation” as “disproportionate and relatively sharp and sudden DECREASE in the quantity of money or credit, or both, relative to the amount of goods available for purchase.” Deflation is too few dollars chasing after too many goods, and results in a decrease in prices. The reality of ever increasing prices immediately dispels any thought that we suffer under deflation.

In reference to the present economic crisis, the government even speaks in reference to a depression. Going back to the dictionary “depression” is defined as “a scarcity of goods and money, low prices and wages.” A depression is too few dollars chasing after too few goods, and results in the decrease of both prices and goods. Such is not the case in our nation today, even though the government will try to force the economy into a depression in order to stop price and wage increases, thereby forcing a decrease in production too.

As defined neither inflation, deflation, or depression describes the present state of America's economy. These three terms have been used to define past phases of economic turmoil in our nation, but we are now passing through something completely new and different. Not only are the old terms inadequate in defining the present situation, but also the old methods for coping with such are just as antiquated, inadequate, and inappropriate. Whether conservative or liberal, right-wing or left-wing, socialist or capitalist, 99.99% of all the financial advice given to our citizenry is based upon past events, and is totally erroneous. Therefore, any action directed by error is destined to failure.

The present problem facing our nation is one or both increasing prices and increasing production. Such has never existed before, and that is why there is no economic term to correctly describe this dilemma. Perhaps the best way to express the situation is by calling it an “inpression,” i.e. the opposite of depression. Instead of falling prices, wages, and production, there is the rapid rise of prices, wages, and production. “Inpression” would be defined as “an abundance of goods and money, high prices and wages.” An inpression is too many dollars chasing after too many goods, and results in the increase of both prices and goods.

Now the question is asked, “Why would too many dollars chasing after too many goods, along with an increase in prices, wages, and production, cause the severe financial problems of today? Isn't prosperity the opposite of depression?” Prosperity is no more the opposite of depression then it is the opposite of deflation. Prosperity is not attained just because there is more money, higher prices, wages, and greater production as seen in our present situation!

How did America get into this sad state? In the beginning our forefathers set up a monetary plan whereby the dollar was to have a fixed value which was defined by law as a silver coin weighing 412 grams, or a gold coin weighing 25 grams, of 9/10 pure to 1/10 alloy of each metal. These men had just been through a period of valueless paper money, and they wanted to establish a system whereby the dollar would have a definite intrinsic value. Out of this came forth the gold standard.

This partially worked for a while, but America still suffered periods of economic turmoil. As a matter of record the great depression of the late 1920’s and early 1930’s occurred while our nation was on this gold standard. The flaw in this system was that the founding fathers failed to realize what essentially money was supposed to be. As defined by the dictionary “money is a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE.” It is not a product, service, or anything which has value in itself. Money was to only serve as a MEDIUM, i.e. an instrument through which goods and services could be exchanged for other goods and services without the actual barter taking place. Rather than going through the inconvenience of directly trading commodities for commodities, which is true bartering, a middle man was introduced into the world of commerce, that middle man was money, and his only job was to be a representative of goods and services. His sole value was derived from that which he represented. Without the backing of goods and services, money was of no use, and therefore had no value. Remember, money is only a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE, a middle man, an agent who has no value except for the “goods and services which it represents”. Therefore, money IS NOT A COMMODITY IN ITSELF. Thinking that money has a value of its own, elevates money from its position of a medium of exchange, middle man, agent, to a new position of product. It no longer represents goods and services, but becomes a good itself. When money thus enters the ranks of goods and services, there is no longer a medium of exchange, and all business commerce begins to go crazy with inflation, deflation, depression, and inpression.

It is during this time of economic crisis that the grand wizards begin to speak of money either losing or gaining in value regardless of what is happening to products and services.   (go to top)

(continued - The Inflation Illusion)

Everyone is so deluded with this type of thinking, that all kinds of programs are enacted in order to try to keep the value of the dollar stable. Goods and services are then brought under the power of money, rather than money being relegated to its proper place as the representative of goods and services. Money controls instead of being controlled. In this usurped position, money becomes the supreme power of the land, and the people and their products are its slaves. There will never be prosperity in America until money is made the servant of goods and services. A true monetary system where money is based upon the productiveness of the people must be established, or else the nation will continue to stumble from one economic crisis to another.

By basing money upon the productiveness of the nation, it will be simple to control how much money is in circulation at all times. When the gross national product increases, then increase the supply of money in the same proportion, and when the gross national product decreases, then decrease the supply of money in the same proportion. There will never be a time where too many dollars are chasing after too few goods or vice versa. Before this can be done, it will be necessary for the government to again issue its own money. This brings us to the ultimate problem in America's economy. Money does not belong to the Federal government, and, therefore cannot be controlled by it.

In 1913 the government abdicated its constitutional right “to coin money” when congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. Through this act a private banking institution was established which controls the entire money of this nation. The Federal Reserve System, unknown to most, is not a part of the Federal government, but is owned in whole by private individuals. This Federal Reserve is not controlled by the Federal government, but through money controls the government. It was this privately owned banking house that brought on the great depression of the late 1920’s and early 1930’s in order to convince this nation's citizens that MONEY was valuable. During this tragic time the people labored long and hard hours for pennies, if they were “fortunate” enough to find a job. Yes, money was KING, and its controllers, private bankers, became GOD. This valuable commodity, money, could now be marketed at great profits. In order for America to have money with which to conduct commerce, it had to go to the Federal Reserve, private bankers, and borrow it into circulation at interest. Thus began the saga of increasing national debt, and deficit spending. America is not unique in that she has to borrow her money into circulation, for there is no nation on earth that issues its own money.

Germany tried to reform its economic system under the leadership of Hitler, and began to issue its own money. Immediately Germany began to prosper, and just as swiftly the Jew international bankers created a World War in order to bring Germany back under their control. If Germany got away with issuing its own debt free money, then other nations might try the same thing, and the cruel reign of the international bankers would be over, people would begin to enjoy the fruits of their labors, and the age of true prosperity would be at hand.

If a government can provide enough security with which to borrow its money into circulation from a privately owned banking system, the Federal Reserve, then it has enough security with which to issue its own debt free, non-interest, money. The national debt is nothing more than the debt-interest which the nation owes to the Federal Reserve on the money which has been borrowed into circulation. Since this debt can never be paid off, for it automatically increases with the issue of each dollar, it will continue to eat away at the entire federal budget until every penny goes into the coffers of the Jew owned Federal Reserve. In a vain attempt to pay back this interest debt, the government is forced to operate in the RED, thus comes deficit spending. Therefore, the more money which is put into circulation, then the more interest debt on that money will grow, and the more money which it takes from the national budget to pay on this increasing debt interest, then the more deficit spending increases. No matter how fast it runs this dog will never catch its tail, but is condemned to run till it collapses in exhaustion.

As a member of the Banking and Currency Committee in the House of Representative, Charles Lindbergh, Sr., fought the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and made the following statements in a speech delivered before Congress: “Congress, by the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, put into the control of the big banks the power to make and determine prices at its will. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits for its owners. It is inconsistent with free government to subject every industry and enterprise in this country to the domination of the big banks which have been granted the exclusive privilege to control our finances. The banks have power to create panics when they please. By insidious means they control legislation, and by that means have secured the exclusive privileges they now possess.” Lindbergh further stated that the Federal Reserve Act “indicates how, under the law a law that practically outlaws the Constitution and the nation, the privilege is given to the money trust to inflate and deflate the country at their pleasure and at the same time to call to its help the government. That law places the people absolutely at the mercy of the money trust.”

The solutions to America's economic dilemma should be apparent by now. First, the people must demand that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 be repealed, and that Congress exercises its Constitutional power to issue non-interest, debt-free money. Second, the people must also demand that the United States' money must be a TRUE medium of exchange which is backed up and regulated by the nation's gross national product. This is in total conformity with the Law of God, and is the only way whereby America can establish a sound economic system which will be free of inflation, deflation, depression, and inpression. However, the Jew controlled banking money cartel will not relinquish its power unless the people act. Who are “the people”? You and I! It is our job to dispel the “inflation illusion” along with the entire economic rip-off. We must shine the light of truth upon this matter, so that the people will see the situation as it really is, and thereby be able to take the correct action which will bring true prosperity, VICTORY.

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