The Jew Hoax

The Jews have never been God's Israel of the Bible.

Today we are constantly being bombarded with propaganda telling us that the Jews are God’s chosen people Israel, and therefore, you must be good to them as they endeavor to cheat you and blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ. It is these Jews that are actively engaged in trying to outlaw every reference to Jesus Christ and Christianity throughout every sphere of our national-social life. Even the singing of Christmas carols is offensive to this anti-Christ crowd. In spite of the fact that our nation was established as a Christian nation, these supposedly “chosen people” are attempting to eradicate all mention of these founding principles.

The writers of the United States Constitution were all Christian, and they never saw any conflict between the public practice of Christianity, and the First Amendment. Yet, today the Jews are forever screaming that such practice is against their constitutional rights, and their controlled puppet politicians and courts are granting their every demand.

Perhaps the greatest aid to their cause is the public misconception that the Jews are God’s Chosen people Israel. But where do people get such a crazy distorted belief? Most ignorantly believe that the Bible says that the Jews are Israel, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is not one verse in the Bible which says that the “Jews are God’s chosen people Israel,” or that Jesus Christ said that He was a Jew. I will pay anyone $1,000 who can find such a verse in the Bible, for only the Bible has the answer to this question. Therefore, it is the purpose of this article to show clearly what the scriptures do say, and not what blinded religious clergymen parrot.

In Luke 19:11-27 Jesus speaks a parable about a nobleman, his 10 servants, and his wicked citizens. The nobleman is symbolic of Jesus Christ, the 10 servants represents the 10 tribe Kingdom of Israel, and not the 2 tribe Kingdom of Judah. Who does the Bible say that God’s servants are? ISRAEL! Read Isaiah 41:8, and Romans 9:4. Who then are the CITIZENS that were wicked and hated the nobleman, Jesus Christ? Read verse 14 of this parable in Luke 19 where these citizens say, “We will not have this man to reign over us.” Are they not the Jews? Notice what they told Pilate in John 19:15. They have never allowed Jesus to reign over them, even unto this very day. What is the fate of these wicked citizens (not servants), as stated by Jesus Christ in the 27th verse of this 19th chapter of Luke? Does He say, “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and I’ll convert and save them”? NO!!! He says, “But those mine ENEMIES, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and SLAY them before me.” The Jews are God’s enemies destined for destruction, NOT His chosen people destined for salvation.

There is a wealth of confirmation on this point found in the scriptures. In fact the very reason that the Jews rejected, and still reject Jesus Christ, is that they are NOT God’s chosen people Israel. Note in Matthew 15:24 Jesus said “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” In John 10:26 Jesus tells the Jews, “But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you.” Jesus says that Israel are His sheep, and then tells the Jews that they are NOT His sheep. Therefore the Jews are NOT and have never been Israel! Jesus had already told them this in John 8:31-59. It is in these verses where the Jews began to boast that they were God’s chosen people and that Abraham was their father, just like they do today. But they made a mistake doing it in the presence of Jesus Christ who rebuked and exposed them for the frauds that they were and still are. Here Jesus sets the record straight by emphatically telling the Jews that they are of their father the Devil. How can so-called intelligent people be so beguiled into believing that God’s chosen people have the Devil as their father? In order to cloud the issue the clergy has been instructed to tell their followers that Jesus was not talking to the Jews, but you read these verses, and you decide for yourself to whom Jesus was talking.

No, the devil is not the father of God’s true chosen people, and God is not getting His Israel people from the devil’s crowd. Conversion has nothing to do with being God’s Israel race. Notice that Jesus instructed the men who followed Him to pray to God, calling Him “Our Father”, and this was before they were converted or before they had received the Holy Spirit. The people of Jesus’ day were aware of what the prophets had said about who true Israel’s father was. In Jeremiah 31:9 God plainly stated “for I am a father to Israel.” This was not the first time that the Bible said who Israel’s father was for even Moses had said in Exodus 4:22. “Thus saith YAHWAH, Israel is My son, even My firstborn.” God is the Father to Israel and the people knew this fact, therefore, when Jesus told the Jews that God was not their Father, but the Devil was, they were exposed and the truth was made known once and for all that they were not God’s people Israel.

If the Jews are not God’s chosen people Israel, then is there a nation-race of people who are, and who are they today?   (go to top)

(continued - The Jew Hoax)

In Matthew 21:43-44 Jesus tells the people in Palestine that the Kingdom of God would be taken from there and relocated in another “NATION”. Why? It was because the House of Israel had been relocated into another nation. In 722 B.C. the Kingdom of Israel had been captured by the Assyrians, and all the Israel population were deported out of the Palestine area. Reference to this fact is found in 2 Kings 17:6 and 18:11. “In the ninth year of Hoshea the king of Assyria took Samaria, and carried Israel away into Assyria, and placed them … in the cities of the Medes.” From this point on Israel is called the dispersion in the scriptures, and these tribes began their long westward journeys, never to return to Palestine again. This migration is even spoken of in New Testament times, and it is to these Israelites scattered abroad that Paul, along with the other apostles, made his journeys to. Notice James writes his epistle “to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad,” (James 1:1) and this could not be the Jews since they were still in Palestine where they remained until 70 A.D. when Titus drove them out of Jerusalem. Peter also addresses his epistle chapter 1 verse 1 “to the strangers scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia.” Here the King James Version (KJV) translators hid the truth by calling Israel the “strangers scattered” but the Greek language clearly identifies that these “strangers” are the dispersed of Israel for the Greek word mistranslated “strangers” is Greek word translated strangers and literally means a KINSMAN living in a foreign land, and has the connotation of one on a pilgrimage. These King James Version (KJV) translators also mistranslated the word “scattered” which in the Greek is the word Greek word translated dispersed and means the “dispersed”. The later translators corrected this in the American Version, and the Revised Standard Version, and rendered 1 Peter 1:1 as follows: “to those who are sojourners of the Dispersion.”

It was also common knowledge that most of Israel in Jesus Christ’s day was then living in Greece. In John 7:33-35 Jesus tells the Jews that they will try to find Him, but He will go where they cannot come. “Then said the Jews among themselves, Whither will he go, that we shall not find him? will he go unto the dispersed among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentiles?” (verse 35) Again the King James Version (KJV) translators garble the rendering of this passage. They mistranslate the Greek word Greek word translated gentiles as “gentiles,” instead of properly rendering it “Greeks” as the later translators do. Also this Greek word Greek word translated gentiles is correctly translated “Greeks” in other places in the King James Version (KJV). So the Jews, along with everyone else, knew that the DISPERSED Israel were then in Greece. Is it now clear why God would not allow Paul to go east into Asia, but sent him west into Greece? An account of this is given in Acts 16:7-13. Just as Jesus came only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel, so also the disciples and apostles were sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Further verification of this is found in Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 10:5-6.

Israel’s capture and deportation from Palestine was all prophesied even to the promise that Israel would eventually have a “new” appointed place in which to live. In 2 Samuel 7:10 God told King David who was then living in Palestine that even though David’s descendants would always be over the House of Israel (Jeremiah 33:17-22), Israel would not always dwell in Palestine. God said, “I will appoint a place for My people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and MOVE NO MORE” All this was directed to a future time in a future place. Where is this future land where God WILL plant Israel, a place from which they will never move? This prophecy could not refer to Palestine for 2 reasons (1) because they were already dwelling in Palestine when this future prophecy was given, and (2) because Israel had been moved out of Palestine on various occasions. No, Palestine is not this future land from which Israel would never move. Again, where is this land from which no one is moving out of, but the land into which everyone is moving into?

Hosea declares that this new land will be a “large place” (4:16), and not some little country. Isaiah 35:1 says that the land will “blossom as a rose” and not be some sandy desert. Ezekiel 47:18 and 20 says that the land will lie between two seas, an “eastern sea,” and “a western sea.” Also Ezekiel 38:8 says that this land has “always been waste” until the last days when Israel would be re-gathered into it. Has Palestine always been a waste? Was it a waste in King Solomon’s day? Of course NOT! Therefore, again Palestine does not fit the Bible’s description of the land into which Israel will be re-gathered in the last days. On and on we could go, looking at the prophecies spoken about Israel, and they would only confirm the facts that the Jews are not Israel and that Palestine is not the promised land. After an extensive investigation is made of the scriptures, it will be clearly evident that White Western Man IS the Israel of the Bible, and that the United States of America IS the “NEW JerUSAlem”, the promised land.

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