Jews A Race Of Murders

In the 23rd chapter of Matthew, Jesus Christ brings an indictment against the race of Jews. In verses 29 through 35, these devils condemn themselves. Jesus said, “Wherefore, ye (Jews) be witnesses unto yourselves.” Jesus continued, “that ye (Jews) are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye (Jews) up then the measure of your fathers. Ye (Jew) serpents, ye (Jews) generation of vipers, how can ye (Jews) escape the damnation of hell?” This indictment climaxes in the 35th verse when the boldest of all statements is made by Jesus Christ. “That upon you (Jews) may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth”.

The 8th chapter of John further confirms this profound truth when the Master in verse 44 exposes the Jews’ true identity as the CHILDREN of the DEVIL. Subsequently, they are castigated as a RACE of murderers and liars. As if this weren't enough to convince any Bible student that the Jews are a RACE of bloodthirsty devils, Jesus further reveals in Revelation 18:24 that “in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and all that were slain upon the earth.”

This prophetic denunciation was made against Babylon which is symbolic of Jewry. Peter confirms this truth in the closing of his first epistle, I Peter 5:13. It must be noted that Peter's ministry was in Jerusalem and his church was in the lion’s den of Jewry.   (go to top)

(continued - Jews A Race Of Murders)

Peter identifies his church as being at “Babylon”, and the only Babylon that existed in the day of Peter and John was the Babylon of Jewry in Jerusalem whose destruction is foretold in Revelation 18.

According to God's Law, all murderers are to be executed and society forever purged from their iniquitous existence. To execute those who are guilty of the cold, calculated murders of “all the slain upon the earth” is only righteous justice. If it is radical, then God is the Author and the Commander of this most holy of all radicalism.

All wars have been nothing more than a Jew bloody harvest. America has never gained any power from WWI, WWII, Korea, or Viet Nam. The precious seed of our White race has been sacrificed on their bloody altars. They’re the ONLY race that has ever prospered through their international banking houses and munitions factories when the White race has waged battle against itself. Those who have prospered by the sword shall soon perish by it.

The Jews stand guilty as charged by Jesus Christ, and their judgment and destruction is guaranteed by YAHWAH God Almighty.

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