Jews Control Opposition

In the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” the Jews laugh at the stupidity of white man as they outline a plan of controlling these “goyim” cattle. They will not only organize the “pro” side of every issue, but also the “con” side as well. They will be on both sides of any issue and thereby control the argument.

This tactic is known as “controlling the opposition.” The best way to win a battle is to control your opponent's movements. This method has worked very effectively for the Jews throughout the 20th Century. Through the power of money, which they absolutely dominate, they are able to remain in the background, and at the same time control what is happening up front.

They are able to push their puppet people into the lime light through a barrage of propaganda. An organization is formed with their men in leadership positions, which is then held up to the public as “the opposition”. A vivid example is what has happened in Louisville, Kentucky. When the federal court ordered busing in that area, there was a strong reaction, and over 12,000 people rose up. At this time there appeared a little paper which was published by a previously unknown organization, led by an equally unknown individual. They were immediately identified by the Jew news media as “the opposition,” and were given wide publicity.

The “anti-bussing” people in Louisville flocked to this organization known as NAPF whose leader was a Jew by the name of Bob DePrieze. This NAPF was also made up of a board of directors which was packed with still more Jews. During this time we were in Louisville holding N.E.W.S. rallies. I exposed the NAPF organization, and the Jew DePrieze as being “controlled opposition” whose real purpose was to destroy the “anti-bussing” movement in Louisville. We printed a complete exposure in “THE BATTLE AX”, and because of this several of the “anti-bussers” got mad. They screamed that I should not say anything against any “patriotic” group. About six months later the Jew's “controlled opposition” had achieved no victory over bussing, but had succeeded in reducing the “anti-bussing” forces from 12,000 to 1,200, and now these 1,200 have fragmented into many smaller groups. The truth of my statements are self-evident, but I take no joy in being right about such destruction.

This tactic has been used successfully in Boston. The “anti-bussing” court battle is being waged by a bunch of Jews. They are supposed to be heroes, but they know that court litigation will drag on for years with nothing ever being accomplished. During the years of endless court action, the “anti-bussing” forces will be divided and reduced to nothingness just like Louisville.

The most recent example of “controlled opposition” is now occurring in Chicago, IL. It has happened, of all places, in the Nazi Party of America.

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Its leader Frank Collin is a Jew whose real name is Cohn. Frank's father, Max Cohn, even claims to have been a German born Jew who was in Hitler's Dachau prison camp. Mrs. Joseph Hardyman, Frank’s grandmother, stated “It was true.”

Frank Collin Cohn claims, “True Nazis now consider me their national leader.” Not only is Frank the leader of the National Socialist Party of America, but also is the organizer of an umbrella group called the National Socialist Congress. These two organizations use a building in southwest Chicago called Rockwell Hall, supposedly named for George Lincoln Rockwell who was the founder of the American Nazi Party, and was assassinated in 1967. If Rockwell were alive today, then this Jew, Frank Collin Cohn, would not be where he is.

George Lincoln Rockwell was a great American patriot with an outstanding military record. He was of high intelligence, and became a Navy Commander. He became aware of what was happening in America, and organized the American Nazi Party to oppose the Jew control. He was so effective that he had to be assassinated so that the Jews could put their man in control of this opposition, and make it ineffective.

Again I dare to speak the truth, and point to the Jew control of the opposition. Supposed patriots, who cannot stand the truth or to speak it, will forever hate me and the N.E.W.S. movement. They are traitors in disguise. “Beware of false leaders, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

N.E.W.S. prints and proclaims the truth throughout America. How else will the people see through the “film-flam” game of “controlled opposition”? There are hundreds of such “right-wing,” patriotic, Jew controlled groups now operating in America. Their purpose is to keep “true patriots” divided, their energy and money siphoned off, and to insure that they never accomplish anything of consequence. These true patriots soon become frustrated, and quit working to free America from Jew control. They throw up their hands saying, “It is no use”. They have been guided into defeat by the very ones they should be fighting.

The N.E.W.S. movement has identified the enemy, and has the solutions for America's problems. We will never be controlled or silenced. I’m presently in a federal prison because I will not “shut up”. In less than two months I will be out, and will continue spreading the truth across America. We are fighting against gigantic odds, and under enormous handicaps, but we fight for the future. Together we can be VICTORIOUS. What was said then should be more apparent now.

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