The Need For N.E.W.S.

Our White race needs to be rebaptised in the faith of our glorious heritage.

We in America are being completely swamped by a floodtide of alien non-white propaganda. An example of this is the education system which offers an endless number of "black", "yellow", "red", and "rainbow" courses covering all subjects from art to religion and science. Yet, there is not one course which proclaims the greatness and beauty of the White Western Culture.

Government has attempted through a Civil War and its policies thereafter to exterminate the White race, and reduce it to a mulatto subservient existence. The present government which oppresses our nation is alien in race, thought, and intent. Its goal is to enslave the White man, and to exterminate his spirit of individuality. This alien power that now possesses Washington, dictates to all White Americans every detail of their own personal lives. It has usurped the powers not delegated to it by the United States Constitution.

Nothing in the Constitution gives the government the power to mix the races, or to bus children, or to ban the Bible and prayer from the school, or to force Whites to live with other races, or to make everyone fill out a confession (1040 form) every April and send it to its henchmen, the I.R.S., or to divide the States up into regions, or to replace the Republican form of government with a Democracy.

The abuses of these ruling tyrants are "ad infinitum" and if not stopped will bring about the complete destruction of the White, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Aryan, Teutonic, Germanic, and related peoples. The aliens that are in power in our government are Anti-White, Anti-Culture, and Anti-Christ. They hate our God and murdered His Son 2,000 years ago. The apostle Paul tells us that it is "the Jews who killed the Lord Jesus, and please not God, and are contrary to all men" (1 Thessalonians 2:14-15).

These perverters of all truth are still what Jesus Christ declared to them to be in John 8:44, where He told the Jews, "Ye are of your father the DEVIL, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." It is these same Jews who have usurped the control of our government. You have never voted for any of these children of Satan.

Notice who they are: Sectary of Treasury - Jew Simon; Sectary of State - Jew Kissinger; Head of Economic Counsel - Jew Greenspan; Press Sectary - Jew Nessen; President's Speech Writer - Jew Friedman; Chairman of Federal Reserve - Jew Burns; President's Financial Adviser - Jew Seidman; Federal Insurance Adviser - Jew Bernstein; Attorney General - Jew Levi, and Vice President Rockefeller attends the synagogue often. The names may change, but the race remains the same – JEW, JEW, JEW. They will continue to tighten their death grip upon the white race by taking over all government positions of authority, and inserting non-whites into lesser roles until the whole bureaucracy is alien.

Men such as General Edwin Walker, General George Brown, Former Vice President Spiro Agnew, and W. J. Fulbright, along with ex-president Richard Nixon tried to sound the alarm about the absolute alien Jew control in America, just before the ax fell upon their necks.

The Jews do not try to hide their Anti-White, Anti-Culture, and Anti-Christ feelings, but boast about their hatred of the White race. Their rabbis even gloat over the ways in which they have attempted the extermination of the White race which has been either by pitting White against White in bloody wars,   (go to top)

(continued - The Need For N.E.W.S.)

or else through racial mongrelization. The Jew Karl Marx, the son of a rabbi, authored the Communist Manifesto which is identical in scope to Zionism, the Jews' religious philosophy. Through their two fronts, Communism (political) and Zionism (religious), the Jews have declared an invisible war upon the White race. Their current boast is that they will bury us, and that the last generation of Whites has been born.

In order to realize the extreme threat that these aliens are to our culture, one must begin to think and be aware of the facts that the Jews control the (1) NAACP which has always had a Jew at its head, (2) arts, music, and etc., (3) entertainment field, movies, night clubs, television, radio, etc., (4) daily press, newspapers and their wire services, AP and UPI, (5) periodical publishers, magazines, and school textbooks, (6) Federal Reserve, which is a private banking system not owned by the Federal Government, (7) capital of all industry, and many other arteries through which flows the life's blood of our culture, race, and nation.

It is imperative that a movement be built upon the spirit of White culture, now arise to herald forth, protect and advance the natural law of racial separation with the superiority of the White race. The hope of the world will be born only out of the White mind enlightened by the Spirit of YAHWAH. It is this mentality that God has used to bring forth all great humanitarian and scientific advancements. If the White race is destroyed, all advancement will terminate. Other races will regress to the point of non-existence, and the earth will again become a chaos.

In order to protect this planet through the prosperity of the White race, the N.E.W.S. Party has come forth. It is moving to the forefront and becoming the wellsprings which will refresh and feed the vital spirit of the White race. Feeding from this fountain, the White patriot will again be revived so that he can undertake the great mission of our race and bring forth a righteous government of divine law and justice, ending the current alien dictatorial oppression of our proud race.

We are again at the crossroads of whether the world will be ruled by the divinely appointed White race or ruined by a suicidal mulatto polyglot controlled by the JEW. It is the resolution of our Order that the world must not be ruined, but that the Chosen White race will lead all races to their highest attainment in the planned order of God.

It will be our people who will learn the great secrets of the Eternal Creator, and with this knowledge, be baptized in the sublime spirit of destiny. We are once again building a race fellowship, and great social body in order to fill the giant reservoir of White culture. N.E.W.S. stands for all that is great and good in our culture that is built upon the eternal law of YAHWAH. The purpose of this exalted Order is to guard and maintain the great advancements of our race while pushing forward the glorious advancements upon which the White world's survival so desperately depends.

Only by stirring up the spirit of our race will a resurgence of its vitality occur. The White race must become vibrant again in order to know the ultimate blessings of peace and prosperity. The lost glory of our race must be regained for there are still worlds to conquer and trails to blaze. This is the devout purpose of the N.E.W.S. Movement.

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