Not National Socialism

Not White Power - The Future Is Spirit Power

Hitler's National Socialist movement was built upon the old idea of a superior individual geographical nation. Nazism's theme was Germany. It never saw race as a common denominator which would unite White Western man, but viewed it in the limited term of reuniting the German people in order to rebuild a strong German nation. Everything was forced to fit these geographical theories; therefore the “Fatherland” became its faulty foundation. It was this ideology that was the bases of both Nazism's vital strength at home, and its fatal weakness abroad.

These antiquated concepts defined nations in terms of territorial boundaries and the populace within these assigned areas were called races. Thus France was the Teutons, Germany was the Aryans, England was the Anglo-Saxons, and so on. It was this territorial thinking that caused 20th Century White Western man to fight two suicidal world wars against himself. He paid dearly for these misconceptions, a price he cannot pay again and still survive. Either he will destroy these false theories, or they will destroy him.

As history moves into the 21st Century the pseudo definitions of race and nations will be replaced by real understanding as to what they are. Race must be seen more completely than just skin color or skeleton structure. It is not simply physical, but complexly spiritual. Race is the innate inner motivating force of what a person feels, his strong instincts which affect everything he does. It is the quality of being true to oneself, and placing beyond value one's own individual spiritness. A man of RACE is heroic, a warrior, a leader of action. He has fruitfulness, a strong will to power, an ability to believe in and follow great aims, inner discipline, boldness, and the desire to live a positive, creative, expressive life. Every person within a race has common physical characteristics, but not every person has RACE.

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It is for this reason that National Socialism or White Power will never be the movement of the future. There are white men in every government of every Western country, but they are not men of RACE. They are treasonous puppet prostitutes that have sold out to the alien enemies of White Western Culture. They are the same type that caused America and England to ally with the cultural alien Jew Communist Russia in order to destroy their White Western kinsmen in Europe. They are the same scum that slaughtered American boys in “no win” wars for private profit in Korea and Vietnam. They are doubly deceptive because they are members of the race, but do not have RACE. People of RACE are a minority within the race. They are the ones whose actions determine the history of that race, and they are the ones who bring forth the IDEA upon which the Nation is built.

Just as RACE is not simply a physical group but is only those that have the innate spirit of RACE, so also the nation is not simply a territory, but is the IDEA produced by those of RACE. Only the minority who have RACE are the true citizens of the IDEA nation, since they alone possess the spirit which birthed the IDEA in the new age. Territory will not determine a national race, but will simply be a boundary of land. With the dissolution of these old materialistic definitions will come the formation of new racial and national thinking which will cause a new spirit to arise, and a new IDEA will be born. From the populace of the White Western World will come the people of the New White Western RACE, and from these countries will come the states of the new White Western Nation.

It is people of RACE that will make up the N.E.W.S. movement which is the embodiment of the new spirit, and the herald of the new IDEA of the future White Western Race Nation. It is the Spirit of YAHWAH placed within adamic white man that will power us into the FUTURE.

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