Not Restoration - Transformation

For the last four decades the “right-wing” patriotic type organizations have been mystified as to why they have been ineffective in their attempt to change America. They have blamed the silent majority, the apathetic voter, and the ignorant indifference of society. But they do not see that these are only symptoms of the disease of defeatism which these various groups preach in the form of “restoration.”

Since World War II these supposed saviors of “the American way” have been brainwashed into accepting and expounding a defeatist, defensive dogma. They never said a word when our nation’s Department of War was changed into the Department of Defense. They never figured out that Korea and Vietnam were defensive actions, and therefore, could never be won. No, they never understood that only offensive movements win victories. The best that a defense can do is to hold ground, but even the best defense cannot hold its position indefinitely, for this is contrary to the laws of nature. All life must go forward, the moment that it stands still, it begins to retrogress and disintegrate. No advancement is to lose ground. The loss is the amount of progress that should have been made, and this loss is never recoverable. All defensivesism is retrogression, retreatism, and leads to dissolution, death. Under these “patriot’s” leadership, America has digressed into this deadly defeatist defensivesism. Their own words speak very eloquently against them. Their action program is orientated around a plan of defensively holding on to the past. They try to convince people to return to the way things were. Ignorantly they seek to “reform” our nation by restoring various things, such as: the American life style, conservatives in Congress, or the United States Constitution.

The American people will continue to remain silent, apathetic, and indifferent, for no one in their right mind desires to live in the past. No, the answer is not “restoration”, and the N.E.W.S. movement will always be against such foolishness. We will never attempt to drag the future back to the past, or the past into the future.

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Our word is “transformation”. The difference between reformation and transformation is the difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly. A brief analysis of the two words will reveal that they are direct opposites. Reformation means to form it again, while transformation means to form it beyond. Our mission is to form America into greatness beyond all that she has ever been in the past.

The N.E.W.S. movement has not put its hand to the plow while gazing back into the past. We are motivated by the vision that America can move far beyond all her former accomplishments. Don’t be fooled by “patriotic” sounding leaders and organizations which live in the past.

“Be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2) The word “transformed” used in this verse is translated from the Greek word metamorpho from which the English word “metamorphose” comes. “Be ye metamorphosed.” Leave the old caterpillar existence and become the beautiful butterfly. Don’t remain in the past as a crawling worm, but live in the future as the flying monarch.

America can never be transformed through the restorers. If their efforts were to succeed, then our nation would be lost, for only by killing the caterpillar will the metamorphous be stopped.

The N.E.W.S. movement is the force for TRANSFORMATION. As the heralds of the new age, we will be attacked by both the right and left wings. Therefore, it is imperative that you begin today to build with us the movement that will lead America into its TRANSFORMATION. Yes, this is a great mission, and may sound like an impossible dream, but with your support and work in spreading this message across America, we are one step closer to its realization. America’s future depends on what you do now!

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