Old Verses New

Life is a continuous battle between young and old, past and future, change and tradition. Ask Socrates, Galileo, Copernicus, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, Yocky, Long, Rockwell, and Jesus Christ. All of them represented the Future, and were overcome in one way or another during their own lives by the enthroned Past. The old keeps striking at the new as fast as it rises.

No age submits quietly to the coming one. The conflict between old and new is continual, and the new always prevails in the process of time. These conflicts have manifested in numerous wars of varying magnitude. The struggles in America and Europe for the last 200 years will ultimately end in destruction of the establishment and the enthronement of a new spirit age. History will present a clearer view of these past events as we move further into the future. History is constantly changing since it is the relationship of the present with the past, and the present is always changing as it moves forward into the future.

The present age is the struggle of the youthful future to be delivered from the senile past. As the old weakens and the new strengthens, the struggle is waged for the dominance of the present. Ultimately the old creature weakens and dies, and the new will then be established as ruler of the age, but one day it too will become old, and a new will arise to contend for the present. This is the rhythmic cycle of life in plants, animals, men, cultures, and nations.

We live in a crucial period of history, for we are at the time when the decadent old must give way so that the new can came forth. If we are to help our people through this crisis, we must be strong, for our strength must out-last that of the weakening past in order that the future will be victorious. We must take our people out of the decay of the 19th Century, and rapidly prepare them for the new life of the 21st Century.

Many wars have been fought to make the world a better place in which to live. History will reveal that they were simply conflicts between the old and the new, and each was in vain unless the new triumphed. Now is the call to unseat the powers of the past which have stifled the movement of America into the future. We have a great task before us, and this crisis must be dealt with in the present or else our nation will be doomed to starvation, famine, depression, and complete internal chaos.

The new age will not be built upon the crumbling Jew materialistic foundation stones of Darwinism, Marxism, and Freudianism. These three Jew stones have been used in an attempt to crush the White Western soul of man by turning him into an animal. This three pronged attack was a complete negation of all the positive elements of our higher man. They brought with them no culture, nothing positive or alive, and were totally destructive.

Darwinism was the physical attack aimed at making man a biologically evolutionary animal, devoid of all spirit, and certainly not in the image of God with a high destiny. By calling cultural man a “higher” animal, this idiocy lumped man into the animal kingdom, and denied him his unique individual spirituality. It also provided the mongrelizers with their racial annihilation theme of “equality” and the “brotherhood of man.” Democracy was used to replace the republican form of government since all “two legged” creatures are EQUAL. The white man outnumbered 7 to 1 would soon be outvoted when enough non-whites (what-nots) filled each western nation.

Knowing full well that in time the white man would recognize the evils of such a system and revolt, the Jew Karl Marx put forth a political revolutionary system.

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Marx devised a purely economic class war by setting up two pseudo-enemies, the proletariat and bourgeois, that is labor and management. Therefore, the battle would not be fought along natural racial lines, but would be fought inter-racial. The old truth “a house divided against its self will not stand” was the basis of this attack.

With Darwinism covering the field of science, and Marxism controlling the field of politics, there was only one element of society not covered - that of religion. This was the sole purpose of Freudianism. This Jew Freud attempted to completely negate the higher virtues of white western man which were established upon Christianity, Honor, Heroism, Courage, Convictions, Character, and Individuality are all qualities of a high spiritual phenomena which is unique to the white western race. Freud's picture of mankind was 100% Jew perverted neurosis which said that man was totally dominated by animalistic sex drives. This was another attempt to animalize cultural man by linking his ideas, dreams, and activities to the lower plan of sexual existence.

In the new age the scientific, political, and religious systems will bring white western man into a proper understanding of his High Spiritual Destiny. The great values and innate qualities of race-culture will be glorified and developed to the fullest. The individual will not be an animal in a herd, nor will he be a nameless grain of sand upon the seashore of EQUALITY. Every individual's uniqueness will be developed so that each person will be able to function at their highest level. Competition which pits each individual against every other will be replaced by the principle of each individual achieving his greatest potential. With everyone performing to his highest ability, everyone will be contributing the maximum, and the whole society will achieve its greatest potential, but not at the expense of any one member since all will benefit. Our culture will only reach its true greatness as our people individually reach theirs.

Pride in self-development will also engender the other great inner spiritual qualities of virtue, honor, heroism, courage, and faith. The old materialistic values will be of no importance, since all will prosper together, and no element in society will be left in suffering and need. The new age will bring with it a whole new concept in every area of life. The Jew bondage that has imprisoned every cell of the white western body will be shaken off. We in the N.E.W.S. movement are the heralds of this new age, and we are its driving force that will spread the spiritual strength to usher in the great Kingdom of Righteousness. You in the N.E.W.S. movement have been honored by God in being made a part of His divine army which will bring Victory out of defeat, life from death, freedom from bondage, and prosperity from poverty. Your destiny is to reign and rule in the administration of God's perfect law which will bring our people to the highest plateau of peace and prosperity.

The day's demands constitute our immediate duty. We must break asunder the bands of the past which try to enslave the future. The greatest benefit that we can be to the forthcoming future is to act heroically thereby giving the future the strong masculine body that it must have in order to be victorious in its present struggle with the past. It is time that men and women of courage and inspiration rise up, break off the shackles of the old and march triumphantly into the dawning of the new.

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