Patriotic Profiteers Plagiarize N.E.W.S.

It has come to my attention that various people are now publishing our copyrighted materials without proper credit to us. “THE JEW INTERVIEW”, which we have printed since August, 1976, has now been copied by others, and put out under their own name. In quantity we sell the booklet for 12 ½ cents each, while the plagiarists are getting up to $4 for this exclusive interview we had with Mr. Harold Rosenthal. It should be noted that the interview first appeared in the August, 1976 issue of “The Battle Ax” only a few weeks before Mr. Rosenthal was assassinated in an airport.

Perhaps the most glaring incident of someone stealing from N.E.W.S. is that another “patriot” (?) who has a small following in the mid-west took a Postal Money Order made out to “The Battle Ax”, cashed it, and pocketed the money. He claimed that it was all done by mistake, that someone in his staff accidently signed his name, Dan Gayman, to it. I kicked this four-flusher out of N.E.W.S. and am sure that he, not a staff member, got the funds which were NEVER returned to us.

Another “patriot” (?) who is the publisher of a little identity paper in Idaho has tried taking over our flag as the “Tribal Flag” of Israel and further states, “It is not right to use the Tribal Flag to advertise a Party whether it be for political purposes or for The Battle Ax”.

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This senile publisher knows full well that YAHWAH God gave me the design of the N.E.W.S. FLAG. This word warrior was joined in his duplicity by another Idahoan, Dick Butler, who I then kicked out of the N.E.W.S. party.

It must also be understood that the very minute one of these Patriotic Profiteers is identified for his lying and thieving that the cry is raised that we are “fighting patriots, and the Jews are benefiting by such”. It is our belief that all thieves and deceivers should be exposed, even in the conservative, right-wing, patriotic camp. Sad to say that this is nothing new for Serpents have been coming in among our people for thousands and thousands of years.

N.E.W.S. continues to blaze new trails, produces its living messages, and is doing the work which the rest can only come close to by stealing that which we have created. These are only a few accounts of the plagiarizing which continually goes on within the conservative, right-wing, patriotic bunch. These people have no qualms in stealing from and slandering me. Our work is envied by even our enemies, and the people that should be TRUE patriots are nothing more than liars and thieves. At first glance they look like sheep, but under the façade there dwells devouring wolves, and such is the state of America today.

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