A Renegade Government

Over a 100 years ago the Federal Government broke free of all restraints placed upon it by the U.S. Constitution, and has become a savage, kill crazy renegade violating both states’ and individuals’ lawful sovereign rights. This gang of outlaws and aliens that now occupies its seats of authority has usurped such through illegal criminal acts of brute force.

Before the Civil War our nation was run according to laws by law abiding men, and its progress and prosperity have never been equaled in history. This nation was led by men, most from the South, who placed a greater value upon performance of principle rather than upon personal popularity or profit. They were men that would die in obedience to the law before they would sanction the violation of “one jot or one tittle.”

The Civil War was a bloody confrontation between White Western Law and Jew alien inspired anarchy. The Southern slave States had their rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. “If slavery was to be abolished, then let it be done through legal process,” was the demand of the South. This was the predominate sentiment of both North and South in the Senate and Congress until the Jew pawn abolition movement with its firebrand John Brown, began to launch an illegal bloody terror campaign against the law abiding citizenry of this nation.

Since the Jew Money - Barons were not able to degrade the White race by giving “black equality” through legal process, a blood-feud was used to force the will of this moneyed minority upon all the nation. Even though John Brown was nothing but a mad dog butcherer of innocent men, women, and children, the lying Jew press made him into the martyred hero. The North was so deluged and deluded with this vile propaganda that it marched upon the South singing the high praises of Brown. From this point on in America's history, the United States Constitution has been a powerless piece of paper trampled under the feet of white traitors and alien tyrants whose guiding principle has been “might makes right.”

The acts of the minority President Lincoln in calling up troops, and declaring war upon the secessionist states was illegal, for only the U.S. Congress had such power. The list of illegal usurpations is a load too grievous to be borne, and it has continued to grow to this very day.   (go to top)

(continued - A Renegade Government)

In order to give their acts the semblance of legality, the alien power in the North took all voting rights away from the white ravaged Southerner; then various Constitutional Amendments, and Federal laws were enacted. This sinister force which is now called “the government” gained its death hold upon this nation through illegal acts which destroyed all opposition, and then changed the laws of the nation, making its atrocities, legal.

White man, you must realize that your nation's Constitution is meaningless to such alien powers, and all who claim its protection are illegally attacked, and silenced through imprisonment or death. These illegal attacks are the brutal force of the government, not the law, and no nation can long endure such criminal conditions. The white man must now fight off such, or he will be destroyed by them. The only path before us, if we are to live, is to undo the illegal acts that have now become “law”. We must right the wrongs that have been sown for the last century, if this is not to be the last century for the White race. The pseudo-legal disguise must be stripped off of all alien edicts that are a deadly poison to White Western Culture.

We must never rest until the rampaging gang of governmental renegades is dethroned, and the Divine Law of YAHWAH and His adamic race, White Western Man, is enthroned. If you fail to act with us in this Holy Crusade, then you deserve the alien bloody Hell that is closing in upon you. May God give you the courage to say, “ENOUGH”, and the heart to do as you say. Your future depends upon what you do. We offer you a movement with a party platform, the 10 Demandments, which will right the wrongs of the last Century. We are a people with unreserved dedication to these high principles. We have proven this, even being imprisoned, and will continue to stand in HIS strength, spirit, and power. Now it is your turn to act. May God inspire you to join us in this Holy Crusade to free ourselves and our posterity from the most hellish criminals that seek the total enslavement of our nation and the destruction of our once God fearing mighty race.

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