To Change America

There have been, and still are the “conservative, right-wing, patriotic” groups which talk about some symptomatic issues in our nation, but nothing they do ever changes anything in America. Their running rhetoric skirts around the real problem that faces our nation, and their entire time is senselessly spent trying to organize committees, lobby Congress, and attempting to restore the Constitution. By refusing to see the futility of such an approach, these “conservative, right-wing, patriotic” groups blindly blunder along always falling into the ditch of discouragement while the evils they endlessly jabber about continue to grow. These quacking geese are always honking about doing these 3 ineffective things.


Most white Americans are beginning to realize that the government is NOT their friend, but in actuality has become their evil enemy. Government is NOT the servant of “the people”, but is the servant of a small alien minority which uses it to enslave “the people”. It is impossible to correct the present situation by petitioning or lobbying the Congress, since Congress is controlled by the money power of this alien minority. In issue 103, August 1976, we published “THE JEW INTERVIEW” in which the Jew Mr. Rosenthal states that they are amazed by Christian stupidity, boasts about the Jew control of government, and explains how they gained such control and maintain their relentless ruthless power. (This interview was exclusive to N.E.W.S. which created it and holds the copyright even though during the next couple of years certain individuals and groups have claimed it to be theirs. They are all thieves and liars, and this was addressed in the message “PATRIOTIC PROFITEERS PLAGIARIZE N.E.W.S.”.)  Don’t be deceived into believing that the Congress will ever pass laws which will benefit the white working people of this nation who provide 90% of the national tax revenues. You cannot control someone else’s puppet! Therefore, no change will come to America through lobbying or petitioning their whorish Congress.


It is naive to believe that by organizing a committee any change will be wrought which will stop America’s downward spiral. At no time has a committee ever been effective in solving problems. It is the committee concept on which a bureaucracy is built. Every city, county, state, and federal government is composed of an endless chain of committees. Even Congress has subdivided itself into legions of various committees.

The fatal weakness of the committee lies in the fact that it can only act after obtaining a consensus of opinion, and in order to get it, COMPROMISE becomes the “golden rule”. Every problem which now plagues our nation sprang from a past compromise, and all compromises are nothing but a coward's expedient way out of facing and making hard decisions. Anyone who has ever served on a committee knows firsthand that there was a great expenditure of energy with very meager and insufficient results. The larger a committee the more ineffective it is. Could anything be more absurd than a “Committee of Ten Million”? Wouldn‘t it be a colossal spectacle to see such an assembly attempt to achieve a consensus through compromise? Its complete constant confusion would only be surpassed by its ineffective irresolute indecision.


Because of its glittering appeal the idea of restoring the Constitution has become the fetish of the “conservative, right-wing, patriotic (idiotic) groups”. But remember, everything that glitters is not gold. The word “restoration” is the fly in the ointment, for it necessitates a return to the distant past. People will never be inspired to act by, nor will they support, any program which is based upon going backwards. Granted, there are a few who love to restore things such as cars, furniture, etc.,

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but White Western Man's future greatness does not repose in the tombs of the past. The peoples' hopes and dreams are made from the fabric of the future. The world conquering spirit that wells up within the white race is always pushing the “NEW” frontiers beyond all barriers of bygone days, and only through the stirring revival of this SPIRIT will America’s deepening descent be changed.

It is also apparent that the Constitution is only paper, and as a piece of paper it has no force within itself. America's future will not be guaranteed by paper, but only by a “new” breed of iron WILLED men and women who are willing to accept the challenges of the future, men and women who will NEVER retreat to the past while idly dreaming of antiquated days gone by, but men and women who fearlessly look into the dazzling light of the atomic age and beyond. Men and women who will NOT seek to hide behind a committee and cowardly compromise their convictions, but men and women who will singularly stand strong, showing their dignity to an alien controlled, corrupted world. Men and women who will NOT beggingly lobby an alien Jew owned prostitute government, but will demand and carry out a complete cleaning on every level in every area.


Because of the void of a realistic problem solving platform, the N.E.W.S. Party was founded in March, 1976, and the first issue of “The Battle Ax” was printed a few months later in June. Since that time it has been our constant task of not only exposing the actions of the alien Jew minority controlled government, but also exposing the fallacious ideas pursued by all the “conservative, right-wing, patriotic (idiotic) groups”. Our work is to build strong individuals who can see and think clearly. These will grow together into a still stronger UNITY of SPIRIT which will mature into the strongest movement of all recorded time. Only such a movement can lead our white race upon the road to its glorious destiny in the 21st Century. It is our purpose to implant into the white breast a fire, a dream, a faith, a vision of its future LIVING greatness. We will cast off all dogmas that have gendered only defensivesism, discouragement, and defeat. Liberate peoples' minds and they will be FREE.

For once the issues must be faced boldly. Race must not be swept under the carpet or locked up out of sight, but must be set out and viewed from every angle in the clear light of Nature and the brilliant shining of Biblical truth. Will you commit racial suicide in the name of an euphoric “EQUALITY”? Do you want to pass a subservient existence on to your offspring, your posterity? What say you? Will it be an alien mulatto brown, red, yellow, black, or white?

N.E.W.S. has set out to build a dream, not an impossible dream, but an exalted one, for the mind can only achieve what it dreams, and our race deserves nothing less than the best. Don't settle for less, for your children will curse you. Don't waste time in following fallacious, ineffective “conservative, right-wing, patriotic” groups down their blind allies leading nowhere but into the box of defeatism, dissolution, and death.

The greatness of our dream will take everything that we have, all our energy, our entire being for nothing less will be sufficient. Will you stand with us to make this dream a reality, and lay “The Battle Ax” to the roots of evil chopping down the alien vine that chokes the very life from the family tree of White Western Man? This is the day for the heroic heart to begin to beat in your breast, dare to dream, and then do! Let your mind run free and think of what America will be when once again honest, courageous, and virtuous white men and women lead our nation.

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