What Time Is It?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us.” With these words Charles Dickens begins A TALE OF TWO CITIES. Even though this was written about an age 200 years ago, it perfectly describes the situation facing our nation today.

We are constantly told through the perverted news media that this is the BEST of times, and yet the deep spirit within each white breast moans that it is the worst of times. Is this truly the age of wisdom when America stumbles from one blunder to another? So that there will never be another war when our fellow countrymen cross the ocean and turn their ancestral homelands into fields of death and desolation. As if this was not enough, in less than 3 decades our country was propagandized into a mass mania, for a return trip. In order to make the world safe for Democracy, America joined hands with a Communist Russia, and killed our white European kinsmen. Leaving over half their land under the rule of slavish Jew Communism, America then withdrew support from a friendly government in free China, so that Communism could have free reign there as well.

Next fell Korea, and eventually all of Asia. In hopes of destroying all opposition at home, the alien powers which control our government injected us into one “NO WIN” war after another. Eventually the people accepted the American foreign policy of Asian abandonment. It was this same alien controlled government that aided, financed, and brought to power Castro in Cuba. And the world has felt the repercussions of that quake from South America to South Africa. Not only has the alien controlled government caused America to pursue a program of destroying racially kindred nations abroad, but also within our own land, this monster has sought to destroy all white culture, and those who seek its salvation.

These aliens' first plan of attack was to capture the money of our land. This was attempted at the very beginning of American independence, but their plans were delayed when Andrew Jackson took office and dissolved the NATIONAL BANK. Up until the time of the Civil War the federal government rested in the hands of a noble breed of men from the South. These Southerners could not be bribed and blinded by money. Patriotism prefaced personal profit. So the money merchants split the nation with a hellish Civil War. By disfranchising the South, money was enthroned, and numerous laws were passed changing the Republic into a plutocracy. In less than 4 decades the new Caesar, finance, received the power of perpetual reign with the passage of the fraudulent “FEDERAL RESERVE ACT.” Congress thereby abdicated its Constitutional right of “COINING MONEY”, and gave free license to a group of privileged profiteering international bankers. No, the Federal Reserve like the Federal Tire and Battery Company is not a part of the government, but is owned by its privately held member banks. These bankers lost no time enforcing laws which would bring them all the gold and silver in the land, and in exchange they gave the citizens little paper notes, knowing full well that these notes would never have to be paid. If there is any doubt as to the truth of this statement, then look at the paper money you now carry. Across the top of each bill is imprinted “Federal Reserve Note.” Webster defines a “note” as “a written or printed paper acknowledging a debt, and promising payment; as, a promissory note; a bank note; a treasury note.”

Take one of your notes to any bank or even to the Federal Reserve and demand payment. They will refuse to redeem them, and will only offer you more of their little nonredeemable notes. At no time in the annals of history have a people been so duped as to exchange their wealth, gold and silver, for a bunch of nonredeemable paper notes. With their new found riches these aliens used their banks and the power of finance to capture control of every industry in America. This monetary chicanery was given the popular name of “Capital”.

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Corporations soon gained silent controlling partners with the new “Capital”.

Fearful that white men and women would wake up to this fraud, the aliens bought up the news media, and began a program of propaganda so perverted that the populace was robbed not only of its earnings, but also of all logical thinking. The people became so hypnotized by words that they never gave thought to their illogical combination. How can war be ended by a war? How can the world be made safe for Democracy by allying with dictatorial Communism? How can Asia be free when all American support is withdrawn in the face of all-out Communist aggression? How can there be Democracy in the Middle East, when America supports the Jews who refuse to give majority rule to the Palestinians? And yet, how can our nation boycott the white governments in Rhodesia and South Africa for doing what the Jews are doing in the Middle East? How can inflation be stopped at home as long as no ceiling is placed upon the bankers’ interest rates? How can America have a sound energy policy as long as these same money trusts control both the oil and coal industry? How can America ever solve any of her problems as long as the people are propagandized by the perverted news media? How can America ever see the aliens who control the government, as long as her eyes are closed to its hooked nosed faces?

There are legions of facts, documented records and data, on every hand which identifies the Jew as the conspirator, perpetuator, agitator, and conductor of the genocide of the white race, and its high culture. Take a searching look at the faces in the news. Look at the names associated with “big business”, “capitol”, “banking”, and those who hold the positions of authority in every area, including the government. Before the truth can be seen, the rose colored glasses of “equality” provided by the propaganda media must be removed. Only then will the pompous sounding platitudes be exposed as a sham which the alien world perpetuated in order to conquer, enslave, and ultimately destroy White Western Man.

“For humanities’ sake” the Jew has chosen the white race to make the supreme blood sacrifice upon its avarice altars, and through perverted propaganda white is pitted against white in war abroad, and in strikes and civil strife at home. Until their money power is crushed, white America will continue to be dragged down under alien rule. All laws will be discriminatory against the white worker, and in favor of the alien parasites. Don't be so gullible and mislead into believing that non-whites want freedom or equality. It’s not freedom or equality that they want, but it is supremacy. They want what you have, and will never be satisfied until they have it all.

Who will rule, white with all its kindness toward others, or non-white with all its deep rooted hatred of all others? The future belongs to our children, that is, if we take action against these aliens. If the white race is here for the 21st Century, then it will only be because we rose up, ripped off the aliens' mask of deceit, and drove them from ever position of authority, and power. This is the hour to speak out; this is the time to act. The future will be determined by our sacrifice today. We need your help, our nation needs it, and the survival of our race depends upon it.

Is this the Impossible Dream? I challenge any of you to dream this impossible dream, “to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear the unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go, to right the unrightable wrong, to love pure and chaste from afar, to try when your arms are too weary to reach the unreachable star. This is my quest, to follow that star, no matter how far; to fight for the right without question or pause, to be willing to march into hell for this heavenly cause! And I know, if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest that my heart will be peaceful and calm, when I’m laid to my rest. And the world will be better for this; that one man scorned and covered with scares, still strove with his last ounce of courage, to reach the unreachable star.” There is no substitute (alternative) for victory!

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