Word Duplicity

There is more money spent annually in the communication industry than any other business. Advertising alone runs into billions of dollars annually. There are more books, magazines, newspapers, and technical publications printed today than ever before. The radio, television and movie industries are at their highest production.

The whole nation is tied together through a complex network of communication devises. Events in California are reported in New York in a matter of seconds. Every area of the nation is instantaneously in touch with each other. The mass media plays a very predominate role in the daily lives of every American. Our people have become news oriented, and since the media wants to appeal to all segments of the population, it puts its messages in the most palatable form.

It uses the combination of pictures and words which work on 2 senses - the eye and ear. Many do not realize the importance of words, but parrot the old adage that one picture is worth a thousand words. It must be realized that every picture must have a word caption in order to understand its correct meaning. The importance of words was realized by the movie industry even from its beginning. The old silent films had written word dialogues. Modern television is meaningless when the audio portion is lost. A picture is important, but the word, either written or spoken, is king in communication.

Since communication is a powerful force in America, and the word is king, therefore the word is the most powerful force. Since its importance was seen long ago, every tyrant and traitor has used words to rule and ruin. Their words are subtlety selected to veil their true purpose. Politicians are noted for their ability to talk a lot without saying anything, or they say one thing while meaning something else.

Every word has several meanings. An example of this is the word "fast", it means:

1) To a racer it denotes speed.
2) To a religion it means "to eat nothing".
3) To a fabric manufacturer it means "to hold" - color fast dyes.
4) A "fast" woman is one with "lose morals."

Word Duplicity is an art, and all our politicians hire men to write their messages who are gifted in this area. The Courts are also involved in this word duplicity. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." However, the courts say that the word "people" does not mean "people", but it means the state government. So it upholds all kinds of illegal antigun laws. Another example of this is that the Sixth Amendment guarantees every citizen the assistance of counsel in all criminal prosecutions. The courts say that "counsel" does not mean "counsel" it means a government licensed lawyer.

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The Courts never speak of justice, or your rights. They believe that you do not have rights, but only a few privileges. Haven't you recently heard the government speak about the "privilege" against self-incrimination?

Privileges are temporary things that can be given and taken away. There is no such thing as Constitutional privileges - there are only RIGHTS. These rights are unalienable, that means they are not given by man, neither can they be taken by man. A mob of lame brain morons cannot vote away my rights, only privileges. The government did not give us the Constitution and its rights, neither can it take them away. But through word duplicity it has confiscated your rights, and only given you a few temporary privileges in return.

Our people are led into slavery through word duplicity. These crafty perverters are so gifted that they can even get people arguing over what they thought was said. No one really knows, but everyone has a different understanding.

We in the N.E.W.S. movement use words in their most easily understood sense. We do not seek to confuse the issues as our enemies do through word duplicity. I do not use meaningless pious platitudes in my messages, but make purely factual frank statements. Because of this my enemies can only attack me personally, but never the truth of what I say. I am called a raciest, bigot, hate monger, trouble maker, rebel-rouser, advocate of violence, and other such nonsense, but the truth that I speak and stand for is never attacked by these subtle serpents.

Today our people are kept in bondage by word duplicity, and they will only be delivered by words used in a real, clearly understood sense. The right wingers are as guilty of word duplicity as their counterpart on the left. Liberals and conservatives play the same game. It's time for a new element in communication, and the elaborate veiled terminology in contradiction of facts must end.

Cowards, tyrants, and traitors will be forced out of business when word duplicity is brought to an end. Ideas that motivate men to act, must be clearly expressed and easily understood. It is time to cut to the chase with concise fearless facts. As long as there is word duplicity, our Nation will continue to be weakened. The people will not be rallied, but ruined.

Word simplicity is our goal, not duplicity. We are not afraid to speak and act, and those in our Nation who are real men and women will join our ranks because of our openness, frankness, honesty, and simplicity in communicating the truth that will destroy this present pretense of freedom. Our movement is the only one that can liberate our people. We have the courage to speak so that all will understand – friend and foe. Do you have that same courage? Let's take our nation out of its valley of the shadow of death and set its feet upon the new mountain top of peace and prosperity.

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