You Are Gods

Since the 19th Century, an all-out attempt has been made to animalize the white western man through three Jewisms - Darwinism, Freudism, and Marxism. However, the new spirit of the 21st Century is slowly dispelling the gross darkness of these pseudo-sciences. Darwinism's evolution of the body, Freudism's psycho perversion of the mind, and Marxism's evolution of the spirit are rapidly being replaced by a higher western renaissance of thought.

The theory that culture man ascended from apes has lost its glitter in the dazzling reality that he descended from the stars. The mind is no longer a primitive cave of conscious sex perversion, but is the subconscious storehouse of the secrets of the universe. The bondage of the material world has been broken by the resurrection of the inner divine spirit of destiny.

A metamorphosis is taking place in the white western worm that has slowly crawled its way through history. As it lays motionless in its cocoon, the world thinks it is dead and in its grave. However, the worm is being transformed into the monarch of beauty. It lives, and its destiny is to fly, not to crawl and die.

Slowly an awakening to the reality that life is more than “getting” is taking place. There is more to culture man than arms, legs, and muscle. He has a divineness that has always set him apart. In speaking of this in Psalms 82:6 the Bible says, “Ye are Gods”. Jesus Christ quotes this Psalm in John 10:34. Throughout the scriptures the White Adamic race, later known as the Caucasian, has had a golden link with divinity.

As the children of God, gods, they were given a destiny. God “madest him to have dominion over the works of His hands.” (Psalm 8:6) The word, “dominion,” means “control, rule, or sovereignty over a territory”. In law it means “ownership of property and the right to its control.” Our race has been given the ownership of the earth, and as gods we are to rule it in accordance with divine law. There will arise forces of opposition, but on our side is the supreme force of divine destiny which will carry us to Victory.

The propagandists, in an attempt to smother this flame, have constantly dumped the worst polluted, perverted, pornographic filth upon our people. By keeping the mind wallowing in the ditch, the Jew media has kept western man from knowing the exhilaration of living high on the mountain top.

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Distortion will not be successful indefinitely! Nature will not long tolerate such a freak. The flickering flame will gain in strength, and will spread in ever widening circles. New sight will bring new light, which will dispel the old night.

"Ye Are Gods"!!! Think of it, and repeat it constantly to yourself. Let its truth engulf you, and now live like it. Stop acting like animals, slaves, and zombies!

Should Gods enjoy abundance, or be entangled in increasing debt?
Should Gods fulfill their high destiny, or be condemned to the world's slime pit?
Should Gods be a unique high race, or a mulatto polyglot of equality?
Should Gods be the rulers, or the ruled?
Should Gods live heroically, or in cowardly fear?

He that possesses the living spirit of the new age will hear the sound of tomorrow, will see the reality of the future, and will arise above the obstacles of today. Every avalanche started with a pebble, every forest fire started with a tiny spark, every giant tree started with a seed, and every world conquering movement started as a thought. The thought was fertilized by its truthfulness until it became a manifest reality.

“Ye are Gods” is the smallest most profound statement in the Bible, and it will be the pebble that will bring down the highest mountain, and will elevate the deepest valley. It will be the spark that enflames our race. It will be the inner most spirit that lifts us up. It will be the seed from which will grow the greatest culture ever known to man. It is the thought whose truth will increase to a universal reality. Within the heart of the white race has been this innate impulse of divinity and its glimmer of a golden destiny has throbbed for more than 7,000 years inspiring the heroes of history. Without understanding our people inched their way forward.

We are now in the rocket age, and this atomic truth will provide a new propulsion. We will be freed from our crawling bondage through this new transformation, and we will fly to the stars. We will be more than conquerors of this earth, WE WILL BE GODS!

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