Another New Denomination

In 1950 there were approximately 3,000 different Christian denominations, and the next 50 years saw that number swell to over 30,000. As this number continues to increase so does evil, and yet no one seems do draw a correlation between the two. Look at where white Christian society is today for it has been lead there by Christianism manifested through its Legions of denominations. Jesus said “You shall know a tree by its fruit.” If these organizations had the power of God, then they would make a difference, but such is far from what is going on today. Why is this? Denominations are the organizations of men and not of God. Satan knows full well that when any spontaneous movement of righteousness begins that it can be rendered ineffectual by organizing it and such was the fate of ALL Christianity. The clergy became nothing more than the mouth piece of the Serpent and his children preaching the dogma of their denomination instead of the Word of YAHWAH God.

Through such organizations as the “Round table conference of Christians and Jews” the children of Satan have spread their lies and deceit. These Christ hating Jews have gotten today’s Christianites to accept and tolerate all manner of evil that YAHWAH God emphatically condemns. How bad is it? Just look at the abundance of serpent seed racial JEW televangelists pretending to be white Christians such as Rick Warren, John Piper, Arthur Blessit, Benny Hinn, Joel Olsten, John Hagee, Oliver B. Greene, Mordecia Ham, and a hellish host of others. This does not even include those who are “2 fold more the child of hell” than these serpents such as Jerry Falwell, John R. Rice, Jack Hyles, Lester Roloff, Lee Roberson, Mark White, who have continually preached that the very SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN are God’s chosen people, that Jew and Israel are the same thing in the Bible, and that even Jesus was a JEW.

In the late 60’s and early 70’s YAHWAH was bringing new revelation upon His very elect. Many others realized that something different was unfolding and it must be STOPPED. Then came the 80’s and up sprang a new organization with its groupie name “Christian Identity”. In a few short years it fractured into those who believed in “Duel Seed line” and those who did not. Thus arose the acronym DSCI, short for “Duel Seed line Christian Identity”. This was supposedly built upon the messages of Dr. Wesley A. Swift and the teachings of Bertrand L. Comparet. But what it is today is far from anything that these men preached and taught. They would be the first to fight against any doctrine which demands the removal from the Bible the writings of Paul, Luke and many other apostles. It seems that these butchers of the scriptures are desirous to see NEW books of dubious origin become the HOLY WRIT which contradicts everything from Genesis to Revelation. While claiming to be DSCI they are selling “The Book Of Adam And Eve” which says that “Adam is the father of Cain” and this is contrary to Genesis 3:15; 4:25 and 1 John 3:12. Well so much for the apostle John, they will tear his books out of their bible. With this ends what he says about antichrists, the statements of Jesus about the Jews being a race of devils, and all of Revelation. Also Moses must suffer the same fate and so the first 5 books will be torn out also. What do you think Swift or Comparet would say about such garbage and those who spread it? As I’ve said before it is time for a little fruit inspecting and don’t forget to get the pruning shears.

Those who want to draw you away from God’s word only mention the Bible as a way to disguise themselves and spread their Baalism. Their purpose is to rip out all scriptures that contradict their utterances,   (go to top)

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and then to proclaim as truth various lost books that they have for sale. CI and DSCI have a new Priesthood dictating a new catechism that everyone must accept because these profit prophets are the seers of all things, and by the way they have lots of books and videos to SELL you about “the new way”.

YAHWAH Father has not “CALLED you into His marvelous light” to walk in their darkness, to buy their products, to defend or promote Hitler, to save the Constitution, to fight gun control, to restore the Republic, to fight against higher taxes, or to be carried along in a torrent of issues created by the JEWS to further their own agenda of destroying white western man. They have our people running in circles until they collapse in exhaustion. If you want to know what occupies the thoughts of our people, then look at what they talk about and none of it is THUS SAITH YAHWAH. Where is the clarion call for the righteousness of God to possess our society? Don’t lose focus and get side tracked. Stop trying to preserve the governments of men, and become the channel through which the Kingdom of God comes in earth as it is in heaven.

“Christian Identity” is so misdirected that it is caught up in all sorts of absurd speculations about the imminent return of Christ, the mark of the beast, Satan being loosed 200 years ago, and other such bogus theories all the while failing to understand the plan of YAHWAH. Many in DSCI prophesied Christ’s return in 2012 so chalk up another false divination for these seers of all truth. Now they are yammering about a law which is supposed to be passed in March of 2013 when everyone will have to be implanted with a computer chip which they say is “the mark of the beast.” Yea, right. Oh by the way, in case you missed it they also say that the “thousand year reign of Christ” ended in 1800 and then Satan was loosed. Give me a break. There was no cessation of evil from 800 to 1800. How many white men were offered up on the bloody Jew alter of war during this period. A screen door holds more water than their exalted utterances. Now ask yourself “Why should our people be concerned with the mark of the beast since it is only for the beast races?” Is it not fit and proper that the BEAST marks his own just as YAHWAH marks His own? These pontiffs of the “new way” spend all their time talking about what the serpents are doing which gendereth fear, instead about what YAHWAH is doing which gendereth faith. They are like the “hell fire” preachers of old who want to scare the flock into a blind stampede of following them. They know NOTHING of the plan of God or they would not be so wrong on so many occasions.

Stop worshiping the “golden calves” of all denominationalism, CI and DSCI included, and identify the one true God by His name YAHWAH, identify the son of God by His name YAHWASUA, and identify His brethren by their name ELOHEEM. Here is a new flash from YAHWAH. White western people, you are ELOHEEM and not American, Germanic, Saxon, Conservative, Right wing, Baptist, Methodist, or Christian Identity. You are the racial children of YAHWAH. Your racial brother is YAHWASUA. These are the tag names we had in heaven before the foundation of the world. Let us be known by only these today. Rejoice O ELOHEEM for you are the flesh and blood offspring of YAWAH’S racial family and a few have been chosen by Him to become Christ’s body of administration that will “reign and rule” with YAHWASUA over YAHWAH’S Kingdom in the earth.

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