Christianity’s Achilles' Heel

“Christianity’s Achilles' Heel” is the fact that there are no words in the ancient Hebrew or Greek scriptures that mean Christian or Christ. If Christianity’s name is bogus as pertaining to an actual translation of the scriptures, then from were does it come, and what does “Christian” actually mean? I can already hear the deafening roar arise, “A follower of Christ.” Since Christianity and Christian are linked to the word “Christ”, then what does “Christ” mean? Isn’t it amazing that over one-third of the world’s population embraces the Christian religion, and doesn’t even know what “Christ” means? Most think that it is Jesus’ last name, but there is no proper noun in the ancient Hebrew or Greek texts that is translated “Christ”. This well hidden fact is Christianity’s Achilles' Heel. If the very name of the religion that one-third of the world’s population embraces is not legitimate, then everything else is a bastard. There is not one thing that Christianity proclaims that is scriptural. Constantly repeating a lie does not make it true, and the real tragedy of this gross deception is that the deceived masses open their New Testament versions of Bible and will read the word “Christ”. How can this be? It is because the two branches of this Christian tree, Catholicism and Protestantism, produced their own “versions” of a Bible. Hurrah. There may be a choice, but it is just a one, two sucker punch. If the right hand doesn’t get you, then the left one will. These “isms” are two sides of the same coin, and many of their perversions of scripture are identified in another message “Bible 101”.

In 1582 the “Douay-Rheims Version” was the first officially authorized Catholic Bible translated into English, and in 1611 the “King James Version” was the first officially authorized Protestant Bible translated into English. The “Douay Version” and the “King James Version” are still the most published Bibles today, and the most overlooked fact is that they are both “VERSIONS”. Christians are duped into thinking that these are “translations” of the ancient scriptural texts. Duplicity of words, omission of words, addition of words, changing the parts of speech of words, inconsistent translation of words, mistranslation of words, transliteration of words, are a few reasons why these denominational creations could never be called “legitimate translations”. The only purpose of these venal “versions” is to promote the brand of Christianity that produced and “authorized” them. At the time when the King James and Douay versions were published, the Protestant and Catholic Church were still burning people at the stake for hearsay, and any wayward translator met a fiery end. Is it any wonder that these Bibles conformed to Church credo? This sham only persists because the faithful followers of Church dogma never realize that their Bible is not an accurate translation of the ancient Hebrew or Greek texts, but a churlish canard. These poor creatures own an approved version of the Bible along with a host of sacred pictures, figurines, beads, crucifixes, and a myriad of mystical religious paraphernalia. They don’t know what their “authorized version” contains except for what the clergy tells them. They don’t even know the difference between a translation or a transliteration.

The definition of “translate” is to render the meaning of a word in one language into a word which means the same thing in another language. The definition of “transliterate” takes a word in one language and writes it into the other language using the closet corresponding letters of the other language’s alphabet. “Translate” takes the original meaning of a word into the other language, and “transliterate” writes the original word in the alphabet of the other language. The ancient texts of the New Testament were written in koine Greek, and the word “christianos” was used 3 times in these texts. It was never “translated”, but was “transliterated” ever time “Christian” in the King James and Douay Versions of the Bible. The Greek word “christos” was used 569 times in the ancient texts, and it too was never “translated”, but “transliterated” every time “Christ” in the King James and Douay Versions of the Bible. Even thought the original Greek word “christos” was an adjective all 569 times, every time those scripture perverters turned it into a proper noun. No one who studied the ancient text could ever truthfully deny the fact that “christianos” and “christos” were never “translated”, but were “transliterated”. Furthermore “christos” was changed from an adjective into the proper noun “Christ”.

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With these perversions, Christianity was free to point to its versions of the Bible in order to validate its name, and thereby ascend to the throne of the only true religion.

This charade is Christianity’s Achilles' Heel. Any accurate “translation” of the scriptures would have to give the meaning of these Greek words. So what about “Christ”? Here is a hint, it is not the last name of Jesus, or any name for that matter, since  “christos” is not a proper noun. A clue is found in John 1:41 where Andrew tells his brother Simon Peter, “We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.” The Greek word “messias” is used 2 times in the New Testament, and is always transliterated in the King James and Douay Versions as “Messias”. This Greek word is a transliteration of the Hebrew word “mashiyach” and is used 39 times in the text of the Old Testament and translated 37 times “anointed” and transliterated 2 times “Messiah”. There were people referred to in the scriptures as “anointed”. A few of these being Saul, David, Cyrus and the High Priests. Look at the ancient text of John 1:41, Andrew said, “We have found the anointed (Hebrew word) which being interpreted the anointed (Greek word).” This is a translation of the meaning of the Hebrew word “mashiyach” into the Greek word “christos”. The word means “anointed” in both languages. Of the 45,000 different Christian denominations, not one will state the truth of the ancient scriptures. Furthermore, Christianity must avoid any accurate scriptural translation, or it would lose its claim to fame, its name.

There have been a few who were brave enough to accurately translate this verse. One such was Robert Young, who published his “Young’s Analytical Concordance of the Bible” in 1879. He broke with religious orthodoxy, and dared to correctly translated “christos” in John 1:41 as “Anointed” in his “Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible” in 1862. It says, “We have found the Messiah, (which is, being interpreted, The Anointed,)” (John 1:41). Imagine if there was no transliteration of “christos” or “christianos”, but instead a translation of these words. The official state religion established by the Roman emperor Constantine I in 313 AD would not be called “Christian”, nor any of its current 45,000 denominations, or one-third of today’s world population. The Bible would not be the perverted thing that supports an approved authorized man-made religion, but would be a book with a life changing message. The “anointed” would be the theme throughout the Old and New Testament instead of the bogus declaration, “I’m a born again New Testament Christian.” Just like their “Christian” contrivance, their “born again” blabber is not scriptural either, and this is exposed in another message “Born Again Or Not”. These New Testamenteers, wallowing in a quagmire of Churchyfied feces, have absolutely no understanding of anything scriptural, but thoughtlessly parrot the nonsense that Christianity has instilled in them through its demonic dogmas and venomous versions of the scriptures. Christianity’s Achilles' Heel is the disingenuous way that it created its name through “transliteration” and not “translation”, and changing an adjective into a proper noun.

No matter how hard Christianity works to conceal these ugly facts, truth will win out. Exposing Christianity’s “Bible Version” chicanery is the prerequisite to understanding the liberating knowledge that is contained in the ancient scriptures. This knowledge sets men free from the bondage of religious ordinances, rites, rituals, edicts, superstitions and a contemptible corrupted clergy. For anyone who wants a instant “pick me up”, then everywhere you read “Christ” in the Bible, replace it with “anointed” like these few examples from the Dixie Bible. Matthew 16:16, “But Simon Peter answered saying, You, you are the Anointed, the Son of the living YAHWAH.” Colossian 1:27, “the anointing in you, the confidence of glory.” 1 Corinthians 15:22, “For as in Adam all die, even so in the anointing shall all be made alive.” As the “religion verse scripture” war continues, Christianity’s Achilles' Heel must be exposed which will bring about its collapse, and with it an invigorating breath, a divine stirring of the spirit from the wind of the pure unadulterated scriptures. This will no longer be the age of a fearful destroying death, but a new age of light, liberty and life.

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